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There were people who believed that the world of the supernatural had reached out to claim its secrets and to punish the person who had dared to try to take them. For it was claimed that on the film that Dr Edward Morton was taking to London for processing was evidence of a ghostly murder. The film, taken through infra-red lenses on a July night in , would undoubtedly cause a sensation in the world of psychical research.

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As it was, the man who took it was dead and the film now a shrivelled ruin. When Edward Morton, an Oxford-educated doctor of science, decided to organise a ghost-hunt, colleagues knew that everything would be conducted with the precision of a military operation. He had a team of ten cameramen, technicians, recording engineers, experts of psychical phenomena. Note-takers would record in duplicate everything that happened. Infra-red cameras would bring the spotlight of modern science on to centuries of mystery and surmise.

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Dr Mortan was a realist who believed that everything could be subject to scientific examination with profitable results: it was just a question of painstaking research. If you went on carefully enough, long enough, you could always get an answer.

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So in the spring of , Dr Morton mounted one of the most impressive scrutinies of the supernatural ever devised and chose Potterdene Hall, a decaying Cotswold mansion, for his tests. But it seems he got a good deal more than he bargained for.

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Potterdene Hall was owned by an elderly industrialist who spent most of his time abroad. He wanted to sell the house and grounds and agreed that so long as no damage was caused, Morton could use the house for his experiments until a decision about its future was made.

The locals had long believed that the house was haunted. The ghostly occupants were said to include a cavalier who after a night of unsuccessful gambling had returned to Potterdene Hall and murdered his young wife. With her dying breath she was supposed to have cursed him and declared that she would haunt the place so long as a wall was left standing.

It was claimed that a ghostly enactment of the murder had been witnessed many times.

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The hauntings were supposed to take place in a large ground-floor room with a french window opening on to a terrace and it was in here that the equipment was set up. A movie-camera, tape-recorder and a series of still cameras were mounted on easily-moved rubber-wheeled trolleys.

The team was split into three and organised into watches.

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Dr Morton would not have a regular watch but would be called if and when anything happened. A series of cameras with trip-wires would, it was hoped, take care of any hoaxers.

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But a progressively darker reality unfolds as we are led inexorably towards a terrible and shocking climax.