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For users of the Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry. Copyright by Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg.

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Reproduced for educational purposes with permission from Springer-Verlag. Page contents: Preface Notes for the user Formulations commonly used in Beilstein. With a total of about 2, entries, it contains most German words occurring in the Beilstein Handbook, as well as common abbreviations, alphabetically listed with their English equivalents. It is our hope that this glossary will prove of assistance to the non German-speaking user of Beilstein, in overcoming any language difficulties which may be encountered.

The English equivalents of German words appearing in the Beilstein Handbook are chosen such that in each case the most usual translation in the context of the Handbook of Organic Chemistry is listed first, followed by other possibilities which can also occur in this context. The equivalents of a particular German word which are not relevant to this context are not included; e.

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German words whose spelling is identical to the English or so similar that confusion is unlikely to arise are generally not included; e. Synonyms of English words are not given when their meaning is identical to the word listed; e. Where a German word can have several different translations according to the context in which it occurs within the wider context of the Handbook , or where the English word given is open to misinterpretation, an explanatory note is provided in brackets; e.

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Past participles and other parts of verbs which may not be immediately recognizable from the infinitive form are listed separately at the appropriate place alphabetically ; e. This enables the user to identify the German word immediately as a verb.

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Nouns in German, as in many other languages, with the notable exception of English, are associated with a GENDER, masculine m , feminine f or neuter n , even though the noun may refer to an inanimate object or an abstract idea. The genders of all nouns included in this vocabulary are indicated by the appropriate letter in brackets behind the German word.

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Ich werde es tun. Ich wird es tun. Wir habe die Hausaufgaben schon gemacht. Wir haben die Hausaufgaben schon gemacht. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review.

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