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Maigret Defends Himself. Related Links Book Club Kit. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! These small groups Mary loved the most, for she could hear their individual voices and the words they shouted to her.

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An old wife blessing her, a young man extolling her piety. She blessed them in return, and waved as she passed. Her heart filled to bursting with good will. But the journey wore on and she was glad to finally be at Ludlow. She was heartily sick of traveling, for even in the yearly progress there was opportunity to rest. Now she looked eagerly to the castle to know what comforts it might offer this weary wanderer.

The castle loomed above the trees, a vast stone fortress surrounded by a goodly amount of wooded acreage. The small village of Bewdley stood below the drawbridge, and of course the peasantry turned out to see their princess pass. Princess of Wales. That was Mary, since recently her father had come to acknowledge she might be his only child to survive.

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That would never do-for all her father had established in his kingdom, and his father before him, to come to nothing. But Mary knew better, and felt in her heart they were wrong. Isabella, Queen of Castile. That was the very purpose of this trip. The carriage rumbled across the wooden drawbridge and clattered across paving stones through the gatehouse, and into the bailey of the castle.

There she waited for her council and guard to open the carriage door. She descended with one leather-clad hand supported on the riding glove of chamberlain Sir John Dudley, filled with bright anticipation of the months ahead.

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  5. As she was escorted through the newly renovated great hall on her way to her privy chamber, her head aswarm with excitement and curiosity, there were bits of broken stone and sawdust everywhere about. She barely noticed, and paid no attention to the mutterings of her council and her retinue behind her. She was exhausted, and quite ready for sleep.

    The king must have an heir. This room felt cold and hard. This exercise in Wales was proving a waste of time, and nobody believed Henry would succeed in foisting a female heir on them. It was, after all, called a kingdom. Were it a queendom, he was certain it would be named that. The very sound of it was awkward and unnatural. Dudley peered at Calthrop, and wondered whether the man was genuinely stupid or merely putting on a face of loyalty to his mistress. If, God forbid, the king should depart the earth tomorrow, allowing her to ascend the throne would be to hand the entire realm over to Charles.

    Which, of course it would please the Empire no end to subsume England and make her naught more than an outpost of Spain to surround and cow the French. Calthrop chuckled at the levity, dry as it was, then shook his head, adding a glance about the room so as not to appear too much in conversation with Dudley.

    Her Mother’s Daughter

    Dudley grunted a noncommittal reply, and fell into a fit of thinking. Calthrop spoke truthfully, he thought. A pair of trumpets announced the arrival of the princess, and everyone in the room came to attention.