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A designated learning institution is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are designated learning institutions. You need to know if you are eligible to work after you graduate. Not all designated learning institutions make you eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Along with graduating from an eligible designated learning institution, you need to meet all other criteria to get a post-graduation work permit. The list below will let you know if your designated learning institution offers programs that will make you eligible for a post-graduation work permit.


Do not indicate a DLI number on your study permit application form if you intend to attend a primary or secondary school. You will not receive a reply. Skip to main content Skip to "About government" Skip to section menu. If you plan to attend a post-secondary school, make sure it is on this list.

Post-graduation work permit You need to know if you are eligible to work after you graduate.

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Thomas Flight Centre O St. Register to receive our newsletter. Know more However, there are no associations and societies of research institutes similar to those of Germany Fraunhofer, Max Planck, Leibniz and Helmholtz. But the country has institutions that fight for scientific development and public policies in the area of education, science, technology and innovation. ABC, for example, was founded in , and is dedicated to the study of topics of prime importance for the society of the country, aiming to give scientific subsidies for the formulation of public policies.

Its focus is the scientific development of the country, the interaction between Brazilian scientists and those with researchers from other nations. Its members are selected among researchers who demonstrate leadership in scientific and technological activities. ABC also has "matching members". They are researchers domiciled abroad, including in Germany, with recognized scientific merit and have made relevant contribution to the development of science in Brazil. The SBPC Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science is a civil, non-profit organization with no political party association, focusing on defending scientific and technological progress, and on educational and cultural development in Brazil.

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The SBPC represents more than associated scientific societies and over 6, active members, including researchers, teachers, students, and Brazilians, in general, who are interested in science and technology. The Society has official representatives on more than 20 government councils and committees. Periodically, it sets up work groups — composed of scientists who are renowned in their specializations — for the purpose of studying and presenting proposals regarding specific issues of national interest.

The former acts in the areas of Engineering of evaluations, corrosion and degradation, energy, processing and characterization of materials. With units in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, the Institute of Applied Economics Research Ipea , is connected to the Department of Strategic Matters of the Presidency of the Republic, and stands out because of studies in the Economics area, which are the basis of governmental actions and public policies.

There are also many research institutions linked to the Ministry of Defense. ITA offers engineering graduation and post-graduation courses, counting with students in the graduation course, in the master course and in the doctor course. It has a vast infrastructure in its research laboratories, besides that it promotes and supports different scientific initiation projects related to its research area. Each year about 80 students are admitted to its courses.

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The list covers such areas as farming, biodiversity, energy, nanotechnology, urban problems, environmental issues, and information and communication technologies. In healthcare, alone, there are groups dedicated to cerebral, genetic, hormonal, neglected, and tropical diseases, as well as cancer, dengue fever, diabetes, obesity, and tuberculosis, plus the development of vaccines, drugs and medications, and comparative genomics, regenerative medicine, stem-cell research, psychiatry, and antimicrobial resistance.

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In the first public announcement of the program, in , institutes were included, 57 of which were renewed in this new convocation. The other 44 are new projects. Of the total proposals submitted to the scientific community, were selected on their merits, but the MCTIC will finance only The country is now represented only by Petrobras th , Vale th , and Embraer nd. Totvs, Weg, and Natura dropped off from the list. Among the companies that remained, Embraer gained several positions, but Petrobras and Vale stayed in lower positions, according to the Global Innovation study that was released in October During the period, the company filed for 68 patents and 83 were granted and registered in Brazil and other countries.

Petrobras has researchers and technological resources that allow the company to generate results that apply directly to its business. The company also maintains partnerships with a series of research institutes, suppliers, and clients. In , Vale created the Vale Technological Institute ITV , for the purpose of seeking innovative medium and long-term solutions that can improve the operating performance of the company in all of its phases, from the mine to the final delivery of the product to the client. In order to achieve its objectives, ITV operates through the integration of three axes: research, instruction, and entrepreneurism.

In the first axis, the idea is to foment fundamental scientific-technological knowledge applied to the areas of mining and sustainable development. Along the line of instruction, the institute aims to prepare professionals to face the global challenges of mining in the 21 st century, within a scenario of progressive concern for sustainability. In the future, the operating license for mining companies will be granted only to qualified companies. More access to information regarding ITV can be found on its site.