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Published in by Hettemarks. Soft cover, pages with some mono photographs. This book tells above all the work done to recover a sunken ship. Google transltes literally to, Nightmore Decompression. IO SUB.

Water, Water Everywhere in the Italian Language

Carlo Fabiani. Published in by Fratelli Fabbri editori. Hard cover, pages, 24x20 with some mono and colors photos. This book talks about the history of diving, equipment and how to learn to dive. Above: Second edition.


Right: Ludovico Mares. This book is wonderful, speaks of born of underwater fishing and diving in Italy, unique photos and documents. He established the very successful company diving equipment of Mares. Second edition with soft cover was published in by Mursia Editore. Flumi, laghi, marl custodiscono iI nostro passato Per riscoprirlo, i mezzi, le tecniche, le leggi dell'archeotogia subacquea. Con le avventure e i ritrovamenti del Club Muscariello.

This book tells the archaeological explorations made by a diving club in Milan, a club very popular in those years, especially for their diving in rivers, large lakes and in the the Alps mountains. There are pictures on the history of diving and how to recover and preserve archaeological remains.

Jacques Mayol was a record man of apnea breath and was among the first to use yoga to prepare the record. More information can find in internet. Soft cover, pages with many photos and documents about the sinking of this English ship in the First World War. The ship was full of troops and was topedoed by a German submarine with many lost. The wreck was found in at m deep. There is another edition in Obviously there are no images of the wreck.

The second edition in it's hard to find too. Published in by Einaudi editore. Hard cover and dust jacket, pages with many black and white and color photos.

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I love this book written in the early years of Scuba. The author writes "I saw another world in which the action is the sister of the dream". Published in , by Rivista Marittima. The book is a small but very interesting. It gives a brief SO. Robert Mallet Published in by Morcelliana. Ballard Published in by Fenice Hard back with dustjacket , pages. Ballard Published in by White Star srl. Published in by Mondadori. Soft cover, pages with many colors designs. Google translation: Explore the Underwater. Ruth Brindze.

Published in , by Zanichelli.

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  • US Army, Technical Manual, TM 55-1925-273-10-1, INLAND AND COASTAL LARGE TUG, (LT), NSN 1925-01-509-7013, (EIC XAG), 2005.

Is a very interesting manual for trimix and rebreather diver. Google translation of name: Diving in Mixture. Published in by Mursia. Edition on right. Ted Falcon-Barker. Published in , Mursia. The wreck was found by British hunters I would call them pirates!! The English and the Italian police have recovered a lot but not everything. Also the sinking is wrapped in mystery. Polluce was hit by another ship of a rival company. It is suspected that the gold was destined for North Italy to finance the war against the South dominated by the Bourbon dynasty.

Alberico Di Meo Published in and then by Mursia. There are many photos and maps;. It is an Italian diving guide with great detail for that time. Published in from Mursia. Hardcover and dust jacket pages with many photos. Daniele Olschki. Published in by "La Kelasa". Published in by Fabbri editore.

Hard cover and dust jacket, pages with many color photographs. The story of the famous ship used by Cousteau for his explorations. The author is a renowned underwater photographer and adventurer. Army Officially. Giuseppe Bufalari. The first half of the book is about a sponge fisherman who finds a ship wreck. Beautifully illustrated and overall a good book.

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Google translation is literally, The Ship of the Warriors. In twelve lessons explaining the basics of diving and how to hunt and fish.

The Origin of Love

Interesting photos of the equipment available in Hard cover, well illustrated. The book is little known but very well done and the result of a study very hard and long. In the book there are photos of paintings which were represented the facts; the paintings were placed in churches as thanks for surviving. It is an archeology book. It covers divers in publications and cartoon strips, going back as far as the drawings done by Leonardo di Vinchi.

There's drawings from various publications and comic strips including Tin Tin and Micky Mouse, plus many more, possibly best known within Italy. Soft cover, 78 pages. It's a little book about the sinking in of Santa Lucia, a small ferry, by British Bristol Beaufigther aircraft. On internet you can see some photos of the wreck: www.

Alan Sorrenti

Soft cover , pages 13x Google translates Die tauchkunst as 'The Dip-Art'. I can only presume that thisloosly translates as the 'art of diving'. Published in by Editoriale Olimpia. Soft cover, pages, with photos and drawings. It is an interesting cave diving book. The author is an expert technical diver.

Un Mare Di Libert Sottacqua Non Esistono Barriere Italian Edition -

Hardcover, with dustjacket not shown this example , pages with 29 mono photos and 8 colors photos. The autor tells of his expedition in in Ceylon in the Indian Ocean to study the sharks. William Beebe. Published by Bompiani in Also a second edition in by Bompiani.