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Cymbeline Igloo no there's a name to catch the attention! But When there's an accident at the pool, he is soon to find out just Why his mum has never taken him sWimming — or how the accient leads his mum to a sudden breakdown. It's a momentous discovery uhich is to impact on Cymbeline's entire life.

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It's a family mystery and, of course, the groWn ups aren't giving anything aWay, so it's up to Cymbeline and his friends. Holly Webb writes just the sort of stories that appeal to young animal-mad readers, especially girls; they are easy reads and a good way to build confidence and for children to find out the pleasure of being lost in a book and its characters. Visiting a local animal shelter, Kaitlyn falls in love with Winston who becomes the star of her school project. But she gets too involved with Winston and doesn't want to see him go to another family.

Soon she and her friends are raising money for the shelter This book has immediate shelf-appeal ith its zany and reader-friendly mix of illustrations by the talented Lee Robinson and comic-strip style story telling, coupled with an imaginative use of fonts. Spynosaur is accused of eating the princess of Canada's prized pet and has his Right to Spy revoked.

And there's worse to come, so Spynosaur goes rogue. Travelling around the globe without his gadgets and equipment, can our hero evade capture long enough to clear his name? Great fun, lots of humour and bound to appeal to readers age 8 to 10, reluctant or not. I always enjoy Tracey's books, especially the Shifty McGifty series, so was delighted to receive an early proof from her new series.

Bryony May has moved to the seaside village of Brook Dale, reluctantly leaving both her school friends and her horse friends at the stables. Out exploring her new environment, Briony finds a spooked but beautiful bay pony. Soon, they meet again and Bryony discovers the horse's owner Georgina doesn't take care of her horse - but won't let Bryony close. After an exciting adventure, we learn the fate of the beautiful pony. Traditional in style, this is a well written and engaging story of evolving friendship, new beginnings, adventure and, of course, horses.

I look forward to seeing the series develop and getting to know the characters even better. The book is published 23 August Horses that talk? Or is it?


Well, it certainly brings us a story full of hilarity to enjoy. From an intriguing start - with Jack hiding in his school bag, we are drawn into Jack's life. His mum is in prison and he lives with drippy aunt Violet, smelly uncle Ted and evil cousin Kelly - in a cupboard! But one day he finds himself on an adventure to free his mum from prison - with the help of rather a lot of talking animals!

Filled with excitement, fun and far too much horse poo, and superbly illustrated by Danny Noble. With the summer holidays coming up, what will Nikki be doing? Big decisions are looming, all told in Nikki's own inimitable and highly entertaining way. Perfectly suited to the tween market, and deservedly hugely popular, these well written and girl-friendly books are great reads. This magical adventure takes place in the town of Wyse, on the border of England and Wales.

Wyse is the last remaining human town where magic works. But that situation is in peril, as Ava and her brother Matthew find when they return to their birthplace of Wyse, to find Lord Skinner sapping the town of its magic. Ava links to the twinned town of Unwyse, where she meets Howell, one of the unlucky Fair Folk who is being pursued by the terrifying Mr Bones, and together they set out to get to the bottom of the loss of magic in their towns.

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An atmospheric story, with rich vocabulary and a strong and determined heroine who will not be daunted. This light-hearted and fun series is perfect for young readers enjoying the discoveries that come from independent reading.

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Life is always fun when Marge, the best babysitter ever, is around. With plenty of lively drawings to engage the reader, this is a collection of enjoyable stories with a fun and very different heroine who children will enjoy getting to kno as the series progresses. Life is never quiet or boring with Marge around! It's hard to be the the new girl at school, as Ella finds. She initially has no friends but can't believe her luck when Lydia, the most popular girl in school, decides to be her new best friend - but what does Lydia really want?

And what does it all have to do with Molly, the quiet, shy girl who won't talk to anyone? Ella has a secret, a family secret, and she is somewhat naive.

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The girls are ell dran characters, true to life, and easily identifiable characters for today's readers. This is a realistic, credible, gripping and emotional story of lies, friendship, and blackmail hich doesn't waste words but gets quickly to the heart of the matter in a compelling way that quickly engages the reader. Nothing every happens in Briar's It's a real challenge for Buttercup and Granny but they soon come up with some ingenious ideas involving a vacuum cleaner and a ball of wool; you'll just have to read the book to see ho it all works out.

With eight colourfully illustrated stories, there's plenty here to keep young fans of the series very happy; the small chunky nature of the book is very appealing. Good-natured Winnie is full of mad ideas but always intends to put her magic to good use, accompanied by faithful Wilbur, of course.

A variety of adventures are here to relish, including Winnie's knicker shop, where spiders sew up the lacy trims, to Winnie's creativity in the kitchen where she often cooks up such delicacies as turkey tonsil titbits. The fun is endless and superbly complemented by Korky Paul's always suberb colour drawings.

This book is just perfect for young readers who are ready to enjoy longer stories with more narrative content, encouraging the development of enthusiastic young readers. Instant appeal is guaranteed by the pretty glittery cover, always a good way to capture interest.

Maya has been given a very special colouring book, The Magical Kingdom of Birds. It magically takes her to beautiful realm filled with magnificent birds and their fairy friends Wicked Lord Astor has a plan to capture and cage the tiniest residents, the hummingbirds - and it's up to Maya to protect them. Beautifully illustrated and with information on the real birds that inspired the story, the book also includes a special colouring page for added interest.

A lovely imaginative story with the added bonus of increasing knowledge about birds. Birdy Jones feels as though she doesn't belong anywhere - except at her grandpa's pigeon loft.

It's a place she feels safe and where she meets Dogger - her only friend. Life has changed dramatically from Birdy's little world of her and Dad - now she has a stepmum, a little sister, and another baby on the way Drastic measures seem to be the way forward even if it means running away from everything she's ever known. Insightful and perceptive, this is an excellent read about contemporary issues with superb characters and thought-provoking scenarios. Chicken House summarise this book as Fashion - Friendship - Love, which immediately places the story within its key market - I love this simple but effective way of introducing a book.

Andy is not as keen as her classmates on the new non-uniform policy at school.

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She wants to blend in, but with her mum being the owner of a run-down kooky vintage boutique, that's not going to happen. But when Andy finds a gorgeous bag full of designer goodies in the shop's storeroom, everything changes. This is a story that will really appeal to girls with its contemporary feel, personable lead character and interesting setting. Children just won't be able to resist this superb collection of 10 more horrendously hilarious stories about the absolute worst children ever!

David Walliams has such a wonderful gift for knowing just what children love, and his writing for them is absolutely spot-on. Of course, Tony Ross's marvellous colour illustrations are a key part of the appeal of the book, reflecting its mood to perfection. The overall presentation is superb, with glossy paper, interesting use of fonts and plenty of colour - something that is sadly missing in many books for this age group.

If you have a reluctant reader on your hands, introduce them to this super book. This is the first in a promising new series and I'm looking forward to reading more. Dragons are certainly a very unusual thing to grow - and a lot more trouble than your average garden plant! When Tomas takes the strange fruit from the tree in Grandad's garden he is astounded and delighted when a tiny dragon hatches! It turns out the tree is a dragonfruit tree, and Flicker becomes Tomas's very own dragon.

Trouble is, Flicker is full of mischief - but loveable all the same. And then, when more dragonfruits appear on the tree. A warm-hearted and really fun story. Kat Wolfe is happily settling in to her new home in Bluebell Bay. When she starts pet-sitting for pocket money, she finds that life in the towwn is not as idyllic as it first seemed WWhen a pet owner disappears from his clifftop mansion, Kat turns to her new friend, Harper Lamb, for help.

What began as mystery-solving holiday fun quickly turns deadly for Wolfe and Lamb.

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Can they count on their unruly animals to save their lives? This is all you want from a good mystery - a compelling storyline, a determined lead character, heroes and villains, some intriguing animals for a refreshing change The first in a new series. Miss Charlotte is an eccentric character - she wears clothes that make her look like a scarecrow and talks to a rock!

When she turns up as the new coach of a children's football team, they are amazed to find the first thing she teaches them is how to lose! But she also teaches them to have fun. Despite her efforts, what will happen when Black Duck Brook's star player decides to join the other team? This is the latest instalment in Dominique Demers's popular Adventures of Miss Charlotte series, and it's brilliantly illustrated by Tony Ross.

A well-told story about believing in yourself and beating the odds. Rabbit has been given a very special gift - a bible. He takes his book with him on a special journey with his new friends, Hector the horse, Caravan Bear and Whitby the dog in their gypsy caravan.

Questions children ask, like "What did Adam and Eve talk about to God? A lovely way to answer children's questions and an enjoyable story in the classic tradition. One boy. How can a massive cheese pizza save the orld? If you want to know, then read this zany story about a would-be superhero. Dylan has wanted a superpower for as long as he can remember, but when his wish finally comes true, he's very disappointed But they are needed to come to the rescue when supervillain Celina Shufflebottom kidnaps all the superheroes in London. Crazy illustrations by Rikin Pareth are the perfect complement to the story.

The chatty writing style makes this book great to read aloud, so parents have a good excuse to share the fun! A totally visual book from a master illustrator that evokes the scent of summer and the complications of friendship.