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Charlemagne How genocide denial warps Turkish politics. Is there a future for Shepherd where she isn't a prisoner?

Jennifer Carpenter on ‘The Enemy Within’ and What Drew Her to the Pilot Script

The answer to this is likely no, considering that even though she did it to save her daughter, she betrayed her country and was responsible for the deaths of four agents. However, it might have depended how many seasons The Enemy Within lasted and if they wanted to change up the status quo. Tal Lev Gorn might have been taken care of in the Enemy Within series finale, but he might be part of a larger threat. In "Sierra Maestra," Shepherd and Keaton finally stopped Tal, but just like all season, secrets played a huge part in how it ended.

Shepherd told Keaton about her calls to Tal and said she'd been working him like an asset, and Will let her go after him. When the agent caught up to them, Tal told Shepherd to shoot Keaton as a test — and she did, albeit in the clavicle, ensuring it wouldn't kill him. Shepherd then shot Tal in the back as he escaped.

When she tracked him down, he told her he wasn't working alone. There was someone else, high up in the U. As the finale ended, Keaton informed Shepherd that he put in a request so she could continue working with his team in counterintelligence investigations, but there was a condition: Tell him if she was keeping anything else from him. She said she wasn't.

The Enemy Within (episode)

A key question is whether Harpon downloaded that data onto the flash drive for his job as an information technology assistant in the division—which monitors online Islamist propaganda—or to send it to his extremist contacts that could use it to target the police. Since the attack, several police stations in the Paris region have received threatening calls in which officers could hear Islamist songs glorifying Islamic State, authorities said. How this information be utilized to prevent further radicalization? Join the conversation below. The information that has emerged from the investigation so far portrays Harpon as a capable employee who was growing more rigorous in his faith and struggling with a disability that he believed was short-circuiting his career in the police.

Born in the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Harpon suffered a bout of meningitis in his youth, which damaged his hearing and required him to wear a hearing aid.

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He was hired by the intelligence division of the Paris police in He was dedicated and efficient, police officers say, and always ready to help. Squarcini left.

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  5. Harpon converted to Islam several years after joining the police, around the time he was living with his companion, a Muslim woman from Madagascar. In , she filed a complaint against him for assault.

    Though she later withdrew it, Harpon received an administrative sanction from the police over the accusation. Six years later, Harpon married his companion, a step that should have prompted another background check to maintain his security clearance, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said. Castaner said.