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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Gift of Magic Nine Kingdoms, 6. Jan 03, The Window Seat rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was the book that was going to make all the wait worthwhile. This was going to be Ruith and Sarah's chance to shine. But, I don't think it is. I think that, in the world of the Nine Kingdoms, Ruith and Sarah are destined to be shadows.

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And for me, from my place as captain of Team Ruith, it is a little upsetting. So, we left Sarah and Ruith at a pretty good spot.

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At the end of Spellweaver, Ruith had admitted his feelings for Sarah, made it clear he wanted to marry her, and she had tentatively accepted. But first, they knew, they would have to finish their quest. The pages from Gair's book would need to be collected and then destroyed. But Sarah and Ruith knew they needed to do this together. Her sight and his magic were the only way that they would be able to complete their quest and save the Nine Kingdoms from the threat of evil.

View all 3 comments. Jan 17, Jill Furedy rated it it was ok. I haven't been impressed with the second Nine Kingdoms trilogy, so it was no surprise I didn't care for the final book. I got tired of things being blatantly stated and then two paragraphs later everyone is startled by the same revelation. Or the never ending admiration for everyone's beauty. Or the repeated doubts of overtly stated love. Or the fact that everyone is royalty but no one wants to be.

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I was excited that Miach and Morgan showed up, but they weren't in it nearly long enough. And I cl I haven't been impressed with the second Nine Kingdoms trilogy, so it was no surprise I didn't care for the final book. And I clearly wasn't following the plot properly, as they were chasing spells on a quest that they could only do alone: until they decide, eh, okay, you should help us And the goal of gathering spells, but only to destroy them as a complete set Morag's stint as a bad guy turned out as useless as the bad guy from the first trilogy Ditto Urchaid.

As was the conclusion of the book really. Ruith's solution was far too easy to defeat all the evil and powerful magic that should have been in play plus what happened to Doire being a magic sink? There were spells aplenty!

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And speaking of holes in the plot Kurland created a lot of interesting places Wegner and Nicholas's castles, Hearn's horse stables, then the hidden cave set up we see briefly here. But we skim past them. The characters would have to be more interesting to take full advantage of the settings anyway. Other reviews say there will be a third trilogy. I'm not sure if I will check it out Shelves: fantasy , romance , favorite-series , supernatural.

I have been caught up in this series for awhile now and enjoyed every minute of it. This the third book of the second trilogy, each trilogy featuring a different couple, but they are taking place almost at the same time and in the same world. The characters, both the major and the minor ones are interwoven between the stories. I have read some reviews of these books from people who did not care for them, but they seem to very often just not be their kind of books.

This series is a romance but a I have been caught up in this series for awhile now and enjoyed every minute of it. This series is a romance but a they are sweet and chaste, not torrid and earth shattering like so often found in romance novels these days. In a way they are simple except that the stories are complex with many goods and evils running back and forth throughout.

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So what is simple? The slow developing, predictable and yet beautiful romances between the two main characters.

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I just liked being along for the ride and could not wait for a bit of time to pick the book s up again. I loved the complex names that I mostly could not pronounce but they slid nicely across my mind. In my mind's eye I could see the amazing Nine Kingdoms with magic gently flowing from fingertips and then often crashing through walls. I suppose this all comes down to the fact I really enjoy this author's way of combining a clean romance with magic and fantasy. In this book we follow once more Sarah and Ruith on their quest to find and destroy his father Gair's spells. The mystery of who is the real enemy and how to stop him comes to a climax in this book, and I will not do a spoiler here.

Again Miach enters into this story, and I would be lying if I did not admit he is my favorite character in this series. I will re-read I am sure many times the first three books and the story of Miach and Morgan. Ruith is Morgan's brother and long ago boyhood friend of Miach, but he was for many years thought to have died along with his parents at the well where his father called forth the blackest of magic. This was my favorite of the trilogy featuring Sarah and Ruith.

I thought the series was over when I finished this one, but no, there is one more book out.

Dreamspinner It is the first of the next trilogy and the story of Runach, brother to Morgan and Ruith. I hope there are many more. I would like a book about Weger - a very unique character who is in all of these books. This is a series I have very much enjoyed reading and after the next book I suppose I will have to wait. It was nice to read them all together. Aug 05, Lady Jaye rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , stars-3 , magic , romantic-elements , liked-it , underwhelming , fantasy , people-magic-users , owned-kindle-or-ebook. In one word, this book was a disappointing finish to the story of Ruithneadh and Sarah in particular and the tale of the Nine Kingdoms is general.

It's not that the story wasn't well told. It was. The writing was truly beautiful, and the world sprawled out like only epic fantasy can, and the names were right. It is a pet peeve of mine to read fantasy with names that sound fake - it spoils the whole story. Well, the names of people and places in this series, although unpronounceable, f In one word, this book was a disappointing finish to the story of Ruithneadh and Sarah in particular and the tale of the Nine Kingdoms is general.

The Gift of Love

Well, the names of people and places in this series, although unpronounceable, fit perfectly. So it was good book. It could easily have been a four or five star book, but it ended up a three because Really, it was. The whole epic culmination of the novel was just blah. In addition, the book had way too much repetition. Since book four Ruith had been whining about his magic. Never mind that everyone else in my family tree is a wonderful noble incorruptible person and I aspire to be like them, my dad was really evil, so I'll be evil too.


The Gift of Love (Berkley Sensation)

Woe is me, woe is me. And every 15 seconds, we were being reminded that he spent time running around with Miach of Neroche being troublesome and stealing spells when they were 10 years old. Every fifteen seconds. It happened over 20 years ago, and was repeated ad nauseum through the series, even from Miach's section - so that makes 6 books through which we've been hearing this.

It became annoying after the 3rd mention in the first book. And we also heard way too much about Miach. This wasn't his book, and he didn't have any substantial part to play. Sarah also just spent half the book whining about not having any magic, even though she could dreamweave, and going on and on about not being princess enough for Ruith, even though her mom and dd came from distinguished royal families: every fifteen seconds too. I think this might be the end of the Nine Kingdoms series, in which case I'm sad to part with a great cast of characters and a good epic story; but this ending didn't do it's characters or the series much justice at all.

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