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Brought home are questions about slavery. Mark your answers to ALL. William Butler Yeats Overview: The. Days Day 1 Lesson Plans Call the students to the carpet by the number of letters in their names. If your name has less than 5 letters, come to the carpet. If your name has more than 5 letters, come to. Herzog Keyboarding Grades 3 through 5 Overarching Essential Questions How will learning to keyboard help me with my academics today and my career tomorrow? Introduction The lessons in the Herzog Keyboarding.

TSW create an ocean habitat. In the beginning of that chapter, we merely tried. Chapter 2 Democracy in the colonies Learning Objectives Explain how self-government got its start in the colonies Explain the purpose of the Mayflower Compact. Describe the ways the Pilgrims practiced. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Claud Watkins 2 years ago Views:.

Similar documents. Districts More information. Have several sets of truck pieces see below for list of truck pieces cut out for the group. Students are required to pay attention and follow instructions More information. Name: Abraham Lincoln. More information. In this adventure, Wolves will learn how to spot the various markings on a coin and identify More information.

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Barter vs. Grade One. Prerequisite Skills. Lesson Objectives. Materials List Grade One Barter vs. They complete worksheets on comparing More information. High Frequency Words P. Objective The student will read high frequency words. AM1a More information. You will get to teach about the first disciples and how He told them He More information. The student is expected to: More information. Ferguson decision introduced the separate but equal standard that legalized segregation until the Brown More information.

Mastery of all these skills is extremely important in order to develop a More information. James Madison More information.

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Saving Money. Prerequisite More information. Fry Phrases Set 1. So, she came up with the idea of commissioning a wagon, fitting it with shelves, and driving the books out to see the people. The trustees of the library thought it was a rather crazy plan, but apparently they had enough faith in their librarian to approve it. She had the wagon painted black with staid lettering, and in one of the more amusing stories in the book, she realized that she needed to add some cheery red because some people mistook it for a wagon that came around to pick up the dead.

The wagon was a success and lent out over a thousand books in its first six months.

Washington and the Presidency

Children who hadn't come into much contact with books now found that they could check out several at a time. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get today's children as excited about books as those children must have been in their day? This book includes lots of large pictures and illustrations to give readers the flavor of the times. We have nice portraits of Ms. Titcomb, pictures of her library, one of the book deposit boxes, and, of the course the book wagon and subsequent book trucks that the library used.

Most of them are in black and white, of course, but they are usually of good quality and convey the times. One set of photos I especially like is one that shows the original covers of some children's classics like Little Women and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The print is big, but the vocabulary can be rather challenging at times.

The whole story is cast as that of a woman who was determined to make a difference and persevered with her vision. As Mary said in an interview in "The happy person is the person who does something. With all the emphasis on carbon dioxide buildup and global climate change, we tend to forget the eye-popping amount of resources we are using, especially in the US, and the sheer volume of trash we are generating. All That Trash takes us back in time to and the infamous garbage barge that brought our waste problem into such sharp relief. It starts with an entrepreneur who, ironically, was trying to help cut down on waste and generate energy.

But, the State of North Carolina objected when they saw a barge the size of a football field full of garbage coming their way. They went to court and stopped it from landing in their state. From there on, the barge tried Alabama, Mississippi, Mexico, Belize, and the Bahamas before it was finally just incinerated back in New York. Along the way, the garbage barge garnered lots of press and visits from people like popular talk show host Phil Donahue and environmental activist groups like Greenpeace.

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I'm of an age when I remember hearing about the travails of the garbage barge, but I hadn't ever heard what happened to it, so it was nice to see the story wrapped up in this book. This is a book that could have quite a few applications in the classroom, aside from the obvious recycling theme. I can see the students learning a little about geography, how trash is now turned into methane, some math about how much garbage is out there--and especially in the ocean. The back matter has all kinds of interesting facts about the garbage barge, recycling, garbage itself, and ocean garbage.

One of the things that surprised me is that the ones who bought the garbage and had ties to the mob lost money on their "cargo," but the captain sold T-shirts that said "Tour the Seas with Capt. The back matter also contains photos things that have been made from recycled objects and a long bibliography of sources. The text is relatively short, and the illustrations fit the story well, making this a good short read-aloud for a class.

Moto and Me has a nice, conversational style that will draw readers in. It may also have them dreaming about doing what Eszterhas did: spend three years living in a tent in Kenya.

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In many ways her first chapter "My Life in a Bush Camp" is the most interesting. Even as a child, she would tell her mother that she would grow up to live in a tent in Africa. Several years later, she moved to a wildlife reserve in Africa to photograph the animals there. She tells of living the first year without electricity and falling asleep to all the animal sounds. In the daytime, a variety of animals wandered through her camp, including hippos, hyenas, and a bull elephant.

My eyes widened when she talked about how she often saw poisonous snakes like mambas and cobras, one of the latter even curled up and spitting on her desk. She wanted to get close to the animals, and she apparently succeeded.

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The story she wants to tell, though, is about Moto, a serval cat she raised after it was separated from its mother after a wildfire. She includes lots of large, high-quality photos of Moto, and he is of course adorable. Serval cats are somewhere between housecats and leopards in size. They get to be about 30 pounds and have larger ears than the typical housecat. A ranger brought Moto to Esterhas to raise because he knew she had spent quite a bit of time watching and photographing the cats.

She wasn't to raise him as a pet, though. She needed to raise him so that he was able to go back to the wild. She tells the story of figuring out what kind of milk to use, how she brushed his hair with a toothbrush, and how she kept him close at first to comfort him. She explains how most cats are born with sisters or brothers, so she got him a stuffed duck to play with and cuddle with as he would a sibling.

PDF The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon (Nonfiction - Grades )

The pictures of Moto playing with his duckling or riding in the shirt pouch made for him will elicit lots of "aw"s. Of course, on the next few pages, you see Moto catching mice, which is not as warm and fuzzy a picture. But, this is still a scientific book after all, and the realities of wild cats is that they need to catch prey to live.

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Moto seemed to take to hunting pretty naturally, and Eszterhas describes the process of weaning him off milk and letting him roam independently. Then came the day when Moto left and didn't come back At first Eszterhas was worried for him, but then she saw him out in the wild, surviving on his own as she had hoped he would. This book would make a nice read-aloud for a group. I imagine it would take 20 or 30 minutes. The text is fairly large, and the pictures are big, colorful, and sharp.

They illustrate tender and interesting moments that will draw children in to the story.