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June 19, November 7, By way of a taster of the life-enhancing wisdom you will find in my book, I am happy to share the following titbits: Focusing your attention on the present moment is powerful because now is the only time you can ever be happy. Both clinical research and personal experience show that when we are in direct mode we are far more likely to be happy. We can learn to practice mindfulness in relation to many different things.

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One of the most life-changing is mindfulness of thoughts. Learning to observe our thoughts, rather than become automatically absorbed by them, gives us a tremendous power.

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We come to see our thoughts merely as thoughts, not as facts or truths. We get better at letting go of them. An author herself, one of her most recent books concerns what it means to thrive. As the woman and I regarded each other closely, from across the coffee table there came a gentle chuckle.

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To give credit where it is due, she seemed to have landed on her feet just as quickly as I had. His Holiness was nodding. Just like you say, they can be wonderful reminders to us to get out of our heads and live in the moment. They can bring us back to here and now. Not be caught up in too much thinking. But is it the same as meditation, or is there a difference?

The Power of Meow

You see, when we practice mindfulness we are present to this moment, here and now, on purpose and without judgment. We pay attention to what is coming through our sense doors. And so on. When I walk, I walk. And when I sleep, I sleep.

Being in direct mode instead of narrative mode. For example, we may focus on the breath.

Or a mantra. When we concentrate like this, it supports our practice of mindfulness all the time. Very good.

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No Quibble Returns View our returns policy. Read what our customers have to say. The Power of Meow. Read reviews 3. Enchanting novels told from the perspective of a cat, rescued from the streets of New Delhi and transported to live in the home of the Dalai Lama.

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Featuring a delightful cast and timeless Buddhist wisdom the cat gradually learns that instead of trying to change the world, changing the way we experience the world is the key to true contentment; and also the importance of compassion and non-attachment in the quest for enduring happiness.

The Power of Meow: His Holiness's Cat is on a mission: to think less, to experience more, to live in the moment. She soon learns the proper phrase for this: being mindful and a journey ensues to discover slowing down, finding peace and abiding in the boundless radiance and benevolence that is our own true nature.