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The Rescue Princesses: The Lost Gold: Paula Harrison:

The ancient barghest Old Shuck resumes his hunt for the magical shards of an artifact that can rid him of the silver curse. Girls are sure to love this sparkly new reader series from Kate Ledger! In the first book in this easy-to-read This addition to the popular Masters series Also, the Chinese princess is called Jaminta, which I found a bit odd. Feb 10, Reagan rated it it was amazing. Princess Anima saw people cutting down trees in the forest. Luckily she called all the other princesses and she told them her problem. Will they stop the men from cutting down trees in the forest?

The princesses are really scared because monkey's, tree frogs, birds, and all sorts of animals live in trees. Without trees all the animas who live in the trees could die if they don't find any home to live in. How would you feel if you didn't have a home to live in? Well I woul Princess Anima saw people cutting down trees in the forest. Well I would really feel scared. I love reading the rescue princesses books because the rescue princesses go on lots of adventures to save animals that are in trouble. This book is a really good book and I really love reading this book.

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This book is the best book ever! Soon the princesses stopped the men that were cutting down trees to not cut all the trees down that were in the rain forest. I bet the animals were terrified when the men were cutting down trees. I would be really scared if I were one of the animals that were in the forest at that that time. Lost gold seems really important to the men who were digging for the lost gold. Anywase gold doesn't sound important for me. The gold and the men are really weird and because the men love gold a lot maby the gold and the men who were digging for the gold are a good match witch means that they are good partners.

The rescue princesses are really in action in this story because the rescue is mostly an emergency! I would be really active if I was rescuing animals in the forest. The princesses mother told the princesses to do chores.

The rescue princesses thought their would be no way to sneak outside. Finally they thought of a plan, and the is to go sneak outside early in the morning before their mom and dad woke up. Then when they got up, then they snuck down the stairs and out the door, and then they ran into the forest and they spied on the men who were cutting down the trees. If you want to read the whole book you just have to go to the Edmenton publtc libery and then you put a hold on this book. I bet this book is one of the best books that Paula Harrison ever made.

Nov 04, Cydney Griffin rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-literature. Princess Isabella loves spending time in the rain forest with her pet monkey Petro. On normal days he swings from branch to branch and plays with the other monkeys while Isabella just observed the other animals. During one visit Isabella and Petro's time was interrupted by the sounds of saws and banging!

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After some investigation Princess Isabella has realize some men are chopping down some beloved rain forest trees that many animals need and appreciate! Quickly Isabella runs back to the castle a Princess Isabella loves spending time in the rain forest with her pet monkey Petro.

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Quickly Isabella runs back to the castle and tells her father King Victor who informs Isabella of a treasure hunt job the men are working on. The men wouldn't stop their work until the treasure was found, this was when Princess Isabella realized she would have to handle the problem herself.

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This was a job for The Rescue Princesses!! Princess Isabella quickly calls her fellow princesses over for a new mission. To find out if the mission is successful read this book! What would resulted if King Victor made the men stop working when Princess Isabella ask?

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What motive is there for Princess Isabella to stop the chopping down of the rain forest? What evidence can you find that the men were up to no good? What choice would you of made if you were King Victor during initial conversation with the men? So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever! The Rescue Princesses are sledging through the beautiful snow of Northenland when they meet Princess Freya. She would lo Princess Scarlett has always longed for adventure.

The Rescue Princesses: The Lost Gold

When two princesses come to stay at Bearbrook Castle, she takes her n When Princess Lily and her friends find an abandoned baby kangaroo, they must look after the tiny joey and work out who Princess Zina is shocked to discover that the forest home of her kingdom's lemurs is in danger! Can she and her princess I liked this book about the new princess called Freya as it was exciting and it wasn't too girly.

They had to rescue a little kitten called Minky. This is a sad, wistful book about a little boy who has a friend who is a whale. Most of the book is the boy describing all the things that the whale d I really like this series of books with all of the animals and princesses and magic.

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