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Today, we have seemingly limitless access to information, but in the s an all encompassing timeline of history would have been incredibly useful and groundbreaking. Critiques aside, work like this paved the way for the production of modern data visualizations and charts that help people better understand the world around them today.

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HISTORY Vault: Rome: Rise and Fall

Wikimedia Commons A "Histomap" published in aimed to show the relative power of various world civilizations going back to BC. Harold Perkin discusses the role of the extraction and distribution of surplus production in historical change, from Ancient Egypt to the 21st century. Global history has taken a boost from the current conflicts, protests and riots against corporate globalisation, and the threat of worldwide terrorism against the West.

These events fit into a global pattern of the rise and fall of societies, that can be traced back to ancient times. True of all the ancient empires we know, the cycle of rise and decline appears to be accelerating. Since the events of September 11th, , the twenty-first century seems likely to threaten the sole remaining superpower, the United States, with nemesis.

In many cases, it is part of it.

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Some are rural and poor. However, in California they tend to be wealthier, suburban, and better educated. The only thing in common is that they all tend to believe other conspiracy theories as well. More than a few of these people serve in policy making bodies.

The policies that emerge from these bodies is damaging at best, dangerous at worst. One good example was Senator James Inhofe brining in a snow ball to show to his colleagues that climate change was a hoax.

Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire Episode 1 The First Barbarian War Documentary

In this respect Rome comes to mind. At its height it was a technologically advanced society. We can tell from the workmanship in armor and weapons, as well as plumbing, medical knowledge and literature. Roman architecture was advanced, and civic life was very active. Incidentally, at the height of the empire the legions were manned by citizen soldiers.

By the fourth century of the common era the workmanship of weapons and armor was hardly as ornate, or offered the same protection to soldiers. Rome was in the business of hiring mercenaries to hold the frontier as well. The Republic was long gone, and so were the principles of citizenship. The Roman Senate was very dysfunctional and emperors were often murdered. Roman infrastructure was failing.

Historians also believe the Roman practice of using lead pipes and adding it to wine contributed to the decline.

The Legend of Rome: Romulus and Remus

Lead is a well known neurotoxin that causes mental decline. American infrastructure is in a very shoddy state. We have failing water pipe systems, not just in Flint, Michigan. For example, some San Diego schools have lead in the water and schools are in the process of fixing this issue. Children are getting bottled water. Nor is lead in water as rare as we tend to believe. While Flint is the poster child of this matter, we need to be aware that it is hardly limited to a few places.

It is airports, roads, trains, water systems, and even modern digital communications. Failures of dams and levies is also a problem. This could lead to disasters, due to major flooding. Yet, the political class speaks about this while cutting the funding to take care of it. Citizens are no better. Any talk of raising taxes sends people into almost open revolt.

They have lost the connection between those taxes and the services they receive. This connection started to get lost in the s under Ronald Reagan. These days it is complete. It seems the only way to fix roads and bridges is pixie dust, because most Americans do not get the connection.

Many have protested the rise in the gasoline tax in California, and the US Chamber is asking for a similar rise at the Federal level. Americans are distrustful of government and institutions.

Comparing the rise and fall of empires (article) | Khan Academy

The country is extremely polarized, not just along racial lines, but class lines and regional lines. This division is also present between urban and rural areas. It is especially sharp between coastal urban areas, and the interior of the country. Part of the disagreement on migration policy stems from this sharp divide. People who live in urban areas with large immigrant communities are in favor of immigration. Those in rural, mostly white counties, are against it and afraid of the other. They live in a monoculture where they rarely hear a foreign language, let alone an accent.

Rural counties have also lost economic dynamism, and tend to be at the heart of the opioid epidemic. Incidentally, the US has a sharp economic division, with large concentrations of poverty in these counties. Yes, it would be silly to not see the poverty and increasing homeless population in Los Angeles or San Diego, but Appalachia has suffered from generational poverty that goes back a few generations. We rarely talk about that. Then there is access to health care.

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Poor Americans are unable to pay for the services, and we are now on a trend towards a lower life expectanc y. This reversal in aging trends is telling and yet another sign of decline. Mass shootings are a uniquely American epidemic. It is time to refer to them this way.

Forces and motives that cause the rise and fall of empires

We have mass shootings every week, and these days most escape the attention of the national media. We have become inured to them. Yet, they are a clear sign that something is very wrong in the United States. In there were mass shootings. The fire zone in Las Vegas made the news.

But for example, the one in San Diego did not.

The Modern Period

Part of the reason is that in La Jolla one person was killed. We define mass shootings as 4 killed, never including the gunman. We have become numb, ergo a story that 10 years ago would have made it to the national news, did not.