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A frog saw a bullock That seems to her having a good size. Tell me, am I not yet?


The world is full of people not enough wise: All bourgeois want to built like high lords, All small prince have ambassadors, All marquis want to have pages. I want, to show it, One whom the hen, like says the fable, Laid everyday a gold egg. He though in her body she has a treasure. He killed her, opened her and found the same As those of which the eggs did not bring back anything to him, Being itself get off his most beautiful treasure.

Good lesson for the poor persons During this last time, how much did we see From the morning to the evening are became poor To wanted become to rich?

Download PDF Un printemps sans chien (French Edition)

Deux et deux quatre quatre et quatre huit huit et huit font seize Says the teacher Two and two four Four and four eight Eight and eight sixteen But here the lyre bird That pass in the sky The child sees him The child calls him Save me Play with me Bird! So the bird goes down And play with the child Two and two four Repeat!

Says the teacher And the child play The bird plays with him Four and four eight Eight and eight sixteen And sixteen and sixteen, what are they doing? Sixteen and sixteen are doing nothing. And especially not thirty-two In any way They gone And the child hides the bird In his desk And all the children Hear the music And eight and eight turn go away And four and four And two and two Go away too And one and one are not doing either one either two One and one go away too And the bird lyre plays And the child sings And the teacher shouts: When you finish making the clown But all the children are listening the music And the walls of the class Collapse quietly And the windows become again sand Ink become again water The desk become again trees The chalk become again cliff The pencil box become again bird huit et huit font seize.

Alors l'oiseau descend et joue avec l'enfant Deux et deux quatre Quatre et quatre huit, huit et huit font seize et seize et seize qu'est-ce qu'ils font?

Et l'oiseau-lyre joue et l'enfant chante et le professeur crie: Quand vous aurez fini de faire le pitre! I will write news, I will write novels And even parabolas. I will talk about my village, I will talk about my parents About my grandfather, my grandmother. I will describe the meadows, I will describe the fields The trifles and small beasts. And coming back in my school, I will put the orthography melancholically.

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We lost the key of the fields! The trees, free, walking, The oak goes stumbling, The fir tree drinks at the fountain. The bushes play perched cat, The cows in the airs fly away, The river goes up to the bell-tower, And the hills caper. I found the key of the fields, Stole by the magpie. And this evening with the setting sun, I will have very given to his place. Mon cartable a mille odeurs. Mon cartable sent la pomme, My schoolbag has one thousand smells. My schoolbag smells the apple, The book, the ink, the rubber, And the coloured pencils.

My schoolbag smells the orange The bushes and the nougat. The fig and the tangerine, The gold paper or silver, And the marine shell, The sails going out the harbour … , The long hair of my mother And the cheeks of my father, The morning in the light, The rose and the chocolate. A little blue cat Strewn of white dots, Saw a big rat Strewn of blue dots.

Yes, but The nose of the blue cat Was all all white, The nose of the white rat Was all all blue. Oui, mais seulement Le nez du chat bleu Etait tout tout blanc, Le nez du rat blanc Etait tout tout bleu. Yes, but One of the eyelash of the blue cat Was all all white, One of the eyelash of the white rat Was all all blue.

Oui, mais seulement Un cil du chat bleu Etait tout tout blanc, Un cil du rat blanc Etait tout tout bleu. Because of that, Of that little that Of white and blue, They go on To wage war. This is not to brag about, Said the coma, But, without my pendulum pay, The words, like sleepwalker, Were always hurting. And the bid caps, Are laughing about you, And your ridiculous tail. Ne soyez pas ridicules, Dit le point-virgule, On vous voit moins que la trace De fourmis sur une glace.

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Cessez vos conciliabules. Ou, tous deux, je vous remplace!

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