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The game of light bulbs did not help him, but systematic training did. In the last years, several projects have appeared in Russia that offer online exercises that promise to strengthen memory, attention, teach you to set goals, lead disputes and even believe in yourself. They work on the freemium model: basic courses are free, and advanced access is available through a paid subscription.

Experts interviewed by Vedomosti said that such projects can be very profitable if their creators fulfill three conditions: they will find the support of psychologists and be trained in business; establish live communication with users; will get regular customers who train regularly. The idea to develop simulators for the brain came to Sergei Belan in a hospital bed.

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Belan was a manager for corporate clients at GE Many Bank and went out of town for a barbecue. He stood near the brazier, chatted with friends and a bottle of incendiary mixture exploded in his hands, he said. Having received serious burns, he decided that he would work on online simulators that would help deal with distraction. Its simulators Belan took as a basis for developing their own.

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For example, an exercise to train the selectivity of attention: there are several fish on the screen, and it is necessary to determine where the central fish is swimming - Lumosity has the same, only with birds. Belan took the team of four developers and a methodologist. The first month of Wikium ended up with 15, rubles of revenue, Belan recalls, 50— people were registered every day. First, there were 20 simulators on the site. They use publicly available psychological techniques. When visiting the website, the user is tested, and the service makes him an individual program.

It complicates the task for the excellent student and makes the bad student repeat what he does not remember. Belan invested 5 million rubles of his savings money he got from the bank after he quit in the project, attracted a co-investor from his former colleagues, who added another 2 million rubles, - the money went to developing and promoting the service.

Ovechkin was the first to write a letter to Belan that he was interested in Wikium, says Belan. In fact, Wikium began to develop by the beginning of , when its team began to cooperate with neuropsychologists and submitted an application to IIDF. The Foundation gave 1.

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Revenue increased by 3 times - from 70, to , rubles. At first, the team did not know anything about brain work and cognitive processes, recalls Nikita Khokhlov, head of the neuropsychology sector at the Center for Testing and Development Humanitarian Technologies at Moscow State University. Belan offered psychologists cooperation. Wikium also needed the advice of scientists to create new simulators. So it was a barter. By the beginning of , there were already 40 simulators on the website, and the number of users exceeded , Now there are 19 people in the team. The potential audience of online courses on self-development in Russia is 30—40 million people, Belan estimates.

These are employees who are enthusiastic in enhancing personal effectiveness, from 22 to 45 years old, as well as people over 50 who have problems with memory and thinking. It is possible to train memory of healthy people by the old ways - solving crossword puzzles or solving logical problems, reminds Yegor Safrygin from Alfa Insurance.

Such exercises, like simulators for the brain, can be good prevention of disorders like dementia, he says. But if a person has a serious violation of cognitive functions, special programs are needed for him, and they should be developed by real experts - doctors and psychologists. One of the main problems of online educational projects is low student motivation, many drop out at the beginning, explains Maxim Spiridonov, CEO of Netologiya. His project appeared in in another niche — online tasks that help adults decide their profession and believe in themselves.

It did not require any expenses: volunteers are assigned to newcomers - project students who want to get mentoring practice. As a result, more people began to reach the end of the program, Mironov said. Brainify has paid users, and it has reached an operational payback at the end of Yevgeny Buyanov, an economics teacher at MSU, is a co-founder of 4brain, who specializes in soft skills.

The most popular courses are communication technology, speed reading, memory development.

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The company conducts user surveys and creates courses based on them, says Buyanov. A preliminary appointment is announced: if 30 people do not sign up for the course during two days of training, the course is not started. Now the monthly audience of the project is , people, the revenue is about 1 million rubles. The most reliable customers are corporate: financial promises and employers make employees train regularly, Spiridonov says.

The program was attended by people, and most wanted to continue training. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Objectives Increase the percentage of sex workers who practice safe sex by promoting the use of condoms and by providing HIV prevention information, commodities and services. To increase the percentage of venues that maintains stocks of condoms. Other Target Groups: There are other MARPs specific for regions, districts, towns, urban centers or rural hotspots within their own peculiar features.

They stay away from home for long time and most of them are single.

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