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Compare Compare. Jim Beam White Label Bourbon. Kentucky, USA. Add to Cart. Your cart exceeds the maximum number of different items.

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Please remove some items from your cart. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. Cask strength whiskey skips that process of dilution and bottles the whiskey at the full alcohol level the whiskey achieved while in barrel.

The Whisk(e)y Vault - Episode 21 - Elmer T. Lee Bourbon

Cask strength whiskies tend to fetch a higher retail price than non-cask strength whiskey. A milliliter bottle of cask strength Bourbon will contain more alcohol by volume than a typical bottle of Bourbon, hence the higher price. When active Colorado shoppers come in looking for whiskey to take backpacking, we always suggest buying cask strength.

You get more alcohol per volume, making your backpack lighter.

Do You Know the Difference Between Scotch Whiskey and Bourbon?

Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a term defined by the U. That spirit must then be aged for a minimum of 2 years in charred new oak barrels at a concentration of no more than The state of Kentucky is the undisputed birthplace of Bourbon whiskey and is therefore the only state in the Union that can legally appear on Bourbon labels. Now we enter an area of true consumer confusion. We retailers hear the same question over and over: is it local? In the whiskey world, it can be tricky to determine who actually makes a particular whiskey and where it was produced.

It means you can get into your car, drive to the distillery, and find a physical location which produces that whiskey. Hell, someone might even be willing to give you a tour of the facility! It simply means the spirit inside the bottle has been selected by the owners of the brand, purchased from a distillery, or from several distilleries, possibly blended by the brand owners, possibly aged by the brand owners, labeled and sold. Why would anyone do something like that?

Just imagine, if you wanted to start a Bourbon whiskey distillery tomorrow, it would be at least two years before you can sell your Bourbon to consumers. Most entrepreneurs want to see a return on their investment well before two years. In this situation, a start-up distillery will create a brand, create a label, purchase whiskey from a large distiller typically found in the midwest United States and bottle that spirit under their proprietary brand.

Brands that source their whiskey are not legally obliged to inform consumers of where the Bourbon originated from, however they DO have to use specific terminology on the label which can give consumers the proper clues to understand where the Bourbon comes from.

FAQ – Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Discerning Bourbon drinkers will scrupulously scour labels looking for those clues. Reading Bourbon Labels. View Larger Image. A Short History Whiskey is a type of distilled spirit made from a grain mash and aged for a period of time in oak casks. Bottled-in-Bond In the s distillers were putting just about any type of spirit into bottles and flavoring it with all kinds of different elements such as tobacco, iodine, and licorice. Small Batch Small Batch is a vague term used in the whiskey world to identify relatively high quality based on a limited selection of distinct barrels.

Jim Beam White Label Bourbon

So for the second group who have developed a love affair with the burn or those who are interested in making them on their own or just really curious folk , they should know that although you can consume both out of your favorite flask with little to no immediate physical risk, the process to making either one is extremely technical, especially when meeting the standards of the law. But it also generally refers to any flammable liquid obtained through distilling yes, the we drink fire.

He was in fact, around long before Sam was. And you know what? We kind of do, too. Spirit or not. So what exactly is bourbon?

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  • Well, it turns out that the federal principles for bourbon specify what is and is not bourbon. That is, whether it was distilled following clear legal guidelines is what makes it a bourbon. The rest is usually rye or wheat.